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 6th sence ^^

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PostSubject: 6th sence ^^   Mon Dec 20, 2010 11:35 am

6th sence dont exist!


I have heard a lot about the sixth sense in relation to the paranormal and even paralleling alien beliefs. I do have an opinion on both; however I do not relate either to human sensory organs. As far as I am concerned there is no organ in the human body that interprets a sixth sense. We have receptors and nerves to prove the other five exist.

I do believe that we do not continuously use our senses to the fullest. In a way, the few times in which we do fully interpret reactions from out sensory organs could be referred to as a super or sixth sense. I can think of a few personal occurrences in which I have discovered that there are times I have felt a super sense.

I think the best example of super sense occurs when it is raining. I used to open my garage door, pull out a lawn chair and sit watching as a Nor-Easter flooded my front yard. I love lightning, and I love thunder. Most of all, I love rain. I could sit for hours and listen to the pitter-patter, or in best cases tumult of water striking everything without a roof over its head. Rain usually galls in sheets and spreads itself rather evenly across everything under its corresponding cloud. The more rain, and the heavier the drops the more raucous a storm makes. After a time, my ears could pick up a difference in sound depending on what objects the rain falls on. The car, the pavement, the leaves in the trees, even the roves of neighboring houses all made different sounds. All I had to do was close my eyes and I could literally hear where everything around me was. In this situation my sense of sound became a super-sense and I could use it like never before

Though more obscure, the sense of touch also has a powerful super state. Unlike sound it doesn’t require a catalyst and is constant. In order to perceive this sixth-sense great attention must be paid to everything around you. The nerve endings in your skin can pick up the very movement of air pressure changing near you. An example of this motion occurs every time a door opens or closes to a room you are in. pressure changes around you, air particles move, and you are aware of movement even if you cannot see it. This is a drastic motion, but even small less violent movement can be sensed. A bird flying past, a car rolling by, even a tree falling can set off your sense of touch if you are paying enough attention to your body. Sixth-sense? No just incredible awareness.
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6th sence ^^
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