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 Do I smell Wrinkly-Grin's home made cookies?!

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PostSubject: Do I smell Wrinkly-Grin's home made cookies?!   Wed May 12, 2010 11:11 am

*Sits down on a wooden rocking chair*
Well hello there Very Happy My name is Wrinkly-Grim. I am an old lady who likes to have alot of fun. My speciality is baking... Wich I LOVE to do What a Face

*Takes a sip of my own made tea, with spices from my own garden, puts it down, looks into the readers eyes and puts a wrinkly grim on her face*
But don't you dare mess with this old lady, cause I will hunt you down, I will destroy your garden and I will curse you with my ghostly shovel!!!

*Laughs and holds a bowl filled with cookies infront of the reader*
Baking is not the only thing I'm good at... I love to travel around Dofus, collect Dofuses and kill creepy creatures!!! My strengt and intelligence help me alot with my big adventures.

Well now, time to water my flowers, so long and farewell. sunny

*Winks at Gambling-fool, giggles and summons a living shovel to help me in my garden*

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PostSubject: Re: Do I smell Wrinkly-Grin's home made cookies?!   Thu May 13, 2010 2:06 pm

Her homemade tea tastes very organic, quite good to keep an old mans heart in its youth. My beard is still brown because of that tea!

And don't let her pretend that shes just digging in her garden. Really she is preparing the soil with all the gold I bring home after a long days work of treasure hunting. Gold is very good for the soil and makes the best ingredients for her homemade cooking. All that gold keeps my beard brown!

What better reason to stop your gambling problem then to find another kindred spirit who has such a taste for shiny treasures that instead of spending it she uses it in her garden where its safe and tasty. At least it keeps me from being a fool and did I mention it keeps my beard brown!

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Do I smell Wrinkly-Grin's home made cookies?!
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